Saturday, 24 May 2008

Out Now: @c / Asamo / Takahiro Kawaguchi

The month Ristretto is turning four years of existence, we are very proud to present 3 expanded digital editions of our previously released recordings by Asamo, @c and Takahiro Kawaguchi ::

Asamo - "Niju"

Shinjiro Yamaguchi is the sound artist behind the name Asamo and this is the record that started it all here at Ristretto. Back in May of 2004 we've released "Niju" in a tiny 3" cdr. This is an expanded digital edition of "Niju" in a multimedia download containing: the original recording plus 3 bonus tracks; an exclusive quicktime video by Kudo and Yamada a.k.a copenhagen; one pdf booklet.

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@c - "48EDE"

In 2005 we've released "48" by the portuguese brilliant duo of "grainy abstract electronica", @c (Miguel Carvalhais + Pedro Tudela).
Now "48" turns "48EDE". In what is a truly expanded digital edition of more than 60 minutes of music and including also a beautifull 22-page pdf booklet with artwork by long-time @c visual partner, Lia

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Takahiro Kawaguchi - "Soundscape with 2 objects"

Takahiro Kawaguchi is a japanese field recordist and sound artist and "Soundscape with 2 objects" came out on Ristretto two years ago, packaged in a transparent clamshell containing a 5" cdr. This digital download edition is a reissue of the original "Soundscape with 2 objects" now expanded with a quicktime video by Tetsuro Honma for one additional raw and pure field recording by Takahiro Kawaguchi. This edition comes also packed with the original pdf booklet.