Thursday, 9 August 2007

Asamo - "Niju"

Asamo "niju"

format: digital download
cat no.: ristdig1
release date: May 2008
buy: 6,99 Euros

:: The digital download contains a zip file w/6 mp3 tracks at 320kbps, 1 quicktime video, 1 pdf booklet::

Shinjiro Yamaguchi is the sound artist behind the name Asamo and this is the record that started it all here at Ristretto. Back in May of 2004 we've released "Niju" in a tiny 3" cdr. This is an expanded digital edition of "Niju" in a multimedia download containing: the original recording plus 3 bonus tracks; an exclusive quicktime video by Kudo and Yamada a.k.a copenhagen; one pdf booklet.

"(...) the first release is by a young musician called Shinjiro Yamaguchi from Tokyo under his Asamo guise. For the three tracks on this release he took the best of microsound influences, say John Hudak, Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree and Richard Chartier and sauced them up with tiny, fragmented melodies, of which the last makes the best impression.(...)"
Frans de Waard
in, Vital Weekly